Fabrication Services

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Laser & CNC Punching


AAT Omega, LLC has many different ways in which to cut metal.

Some of our most popular cutting equipment is the CNC Turret Punch and 5000 watt laser.  Both machines are a fast and efficient way to start the manufacturing process.  We also have multipe other cutting equipment we utilize making us very versatile solution to our customer's needs.

Materials Forming


Our multiple brakes allows us to have the ability to fabricate both short and long run prodcution orders efficiently.


Welding & Finishing


Depending on size and scope of the project, we have very experienced welders able to weld steel, stainless, and aluminum.  When a higher volume is required our robotic welder is an efficient way to get the job done.

Our other finishing processes include, grinding, polishing, powdercoating, silkscreening...


AAt also has many complimentary equipment so most jobs can be completed in house.

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