Ceiling Systems




The ceiling enclosures allow users to save space in tight areas by providing connectivity in a traditional drop ceiling. This not only conserves valuable space, but may provide the added benefit of reducing cooling requirements in potentially crowded equipment and data control rooms by moving active equipment to alternate sites. The substantial cost savings incurred by using ceiling access points in support of a zone cabling system, make these products a must in all office infrastructures.


Ceiling Systems include the following benefits:


  • High-quality construction and design

  • Small exterior dimensions to save space in tight areas

  • Secure equipment support outside of the data room

  • Reduced cost of cable configurations when used to create consolidation points in your network

  • Open and enclosed options to suit your aesthetic preferences and security requirements

  • A variety of standard sizes and options to suit your needs and budget

  • Customized Units are available for unique projects with special requirements

  • Recessed into acoustical ceiling grids for aesthetically integrated installation

  • UL Listed; UL 50, UL 1863 and UL 2043

  • Four styles to suit your equipment mounting needs.

    • 2'x2' Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Wiring Blocks(voice networks)

    • 2'x2' Passive Ceiling Enclosure for Patch Panels(data networks)

    • 2'x2' Active Ceiling Enclosure for housing active equipment plus voice and data connectivity.

    • 2'x4' Active and Passive Ceiling Enclosures for applications needing more connectivity that a standard zone cabling enclosure.

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